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Wednesday, June 10th

1.30 pm Australia EST | 11.30 am Singapore | 3.30 pm NZ | 9 am India

Understanding Vital Elements in the Sales Enablement Framework


This is the first episode of a six-part series on Sales Enablement Foundations. The series is designed for business leaders building up the Sales Enablement (SE) strategy, function and capabilities in their organisation. This program of 45-minute webinars guides SE leaders, strategists and practitioners through the foundational elements and fundamental principles of Sales Enablement, providing you with a systematic approach for success.

Iris Chan, Marketing Director APJ of Seismic, who is also the Australia Chapter President of the Sales Enablement Society, will share insights on:

  • What is the definition of Sales Enablement?
  • Foundational pillars in the Sales Enablement framework
  • Getting started with the functional design of Sales Enablement
  • Debunking myths about Sales Enablement


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